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At STITCH & SOUL is the name law!

Cozy, comfortable, easy-going or warm-fluffy, charming with a touch of sex appeal.

STITCH & SOUL - Authentic Style - the current styles here in the online store!

From Germany the idea, the design comes from Germany comes, is now produced worldwide. The German textile company Authentic Style Vertriebs GmbH & Co. KG with headquarters in the Bavarian village market wide is the parent company of the label and an international textile company that operates successfully for various fashion brands. Wellness at its best! That's for all the Young Men trendy fashion label Stitch & Soul!

In this fire of the name is the law!

Stitch & Soul, so stitch & soul, combines the textile sector with human feelings. The result is the name of a cozy evening in armchair, curled up in a fluffy blanket. In addition to a hot, steaming cup of tea and a couple of glowing candles. In the hands of two knitting needles and a Ball of wool. In this pleasant atmosphere of the thoughts revolve mainly around two things: first, to this relaxed situation where you can let dangle times really the soul. And the other one thinks of the sweater, scarf, or hat that will soon emerge from the knitting. As it were the perfect combination of craftsmanship and comfort: mesh & soul and exactly according to this principle, the clothes of Stitch & Soul were created:

cozy, comfortable, easy-slightly warm or fluffy, basic, charming with a touch of sex appeal.

Immerse yourself in the world of equal Stitch & Soul, the fire with heart, soul and passion for textiles!

STITCH & SOUL - German Streetwear Label for Women & Men

The label is indispensable not only for the men with the distinctive streetwear fashion. The women really do not miss out with their own collections. You'd think the fashion label comes from the US, in this case it is different. This fashion label is located in the Bavarian market wide and thus a German label. On to the worry-free and affordable shopping with us, and then to make after talking to his friends with an impressive Stitch & Soul Outfit by itself.

Design and price are extraordinarily fair.

The word Stitch & Soul comes from English and means translated into the German language sublevel. The lower level course holds true only for the prices that provide affordable fashion. Under no circumstances does that apply to the design of the fashion collections, Stitch & Soul belongs in the streetwear business for the brands that do not run after every trend. On the contrary, it creates trends with its understated look, without wishing to play directly in the foreground. The assortment ranges from denim jeans for her and him, hoodies and t-shirts to jackets and sweaters. Self upper shirts and shorts belong to the large selection of the product range of this label. With this label, and its large selection not only a complete street wear outfit is possible to the most fashionable type to be far and wide. Just as well the party goers will find an elegant outfit and then the focus of the party.

Stitch & Soul - One of the many famous fashion brands by Authentic Style

Clearly, with a Stitch & Soul outfit you have a big jackpot and be dressed on any occasion in a matching outfit.
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STITCH & SOUL fashion brand for men jackets, men leather jackets, mens overcoat and men's pants than jeans, chinos or leather pants Men's shirts and ties or checked shirt, business shirt or casual casual shirt over it man's sweater in wool sweater or knit sweater underneath Mr. shirts, sweatshirts or Herrentanktop with men's underwear in the summer great WOW Men swimwear, sportswear for Men Mc fitness, the men's socks for business or sports men's shoes.

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