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Addicted to unique trends, the designers from Spain / Catalonia. The collections are for modern, permissive men who appreciate elegance and creativity. "A MAN THAT FUND ITS IDENTITY" Unique, fresh designs in color, cut and fit match the different types of men. Access and shop the best styles in our store.

ADDICTED - PANTs, SLIPs, JOCKs, TANKs, T-shirts, BODYs und Athletic und Streetwear Styles

Addicted is a new independent brand - exclusive manufacturer of men's underwear and outerwear - the designer brand ES Collection. In no time, the collection ADDICTED swept like a storm over the European and American markets. The range offers not only men's underwear like - briefs, boxer shorts and jock straps - but swim trunks, T-shirts and accessories.


Addicted to unique trends that designers from Catalonia / Spain. The collections are modern, liberal People appreciate the elegance and creativity. Addicted relies on high-quality products materials from Spain and Portugal, which are used in accordance with the EU standards.

Spain: This country has always been known for its passion, its red-hot sun and his fire that is reflected by the design certainly always in the production of things. Who? if not, the Spanish brand Addicted is one of the most famous and best brands on the market for sportswear and underwear for men? Addicted a name that translates as "dependent" as - They cost only once the temptation of brand and you will want to leave this inspiration never again. With this style, with the comfort, quality, color and boldness, the incessant uniqueness of all things from the Addicted collection.
Since the interior of the man rarely penetrates only outward Addicted skillfully takes the reins in his hand and presents an image of man as a sexy, confident, a stylish man who has nothing to hide. He takes care of himself and his body, he is successful and he is willing to take risks. Of course, he carries the authentic Spanish fire in him, which is the property of Addicted.
The style features strong colors, special charms and bold ideas. The brand stands for unusual and courageous way in the men's fashion world. There are sexy and natural men is produced for the Addicted. All Addicted produces unique and always with the highest quality standards, ensures maximum comfort and convenience for those wearing the clothes.
Eduardo Sufier chief designer of the brand describes those for the Addicted made is as follows: "A guy who likes high quality, comfortable and well made designer clothing wears."


Men love the quality, style, color and attractiveness of clothing - if things were created for the sport or as underwear - perfect to be in the spotlight, a little wild as the spirit of Spain, which makes Addicted out.

ADDICTED fashion brand for men jackets, men leather jackets, mens overcoat and men's pants than jeans, chinos or leather pants Men's shirts and ties or checked shirt, business shirt or casual casual shirt over it man's sweater in wool sweater or knit sweater underneath Mr. shirts, sweatshirts or Herrentanktop with men's underwear in the summer great WOW Men swimwear, sportswear for Men Mc fitness, the men's socks for business or sports men's shoes.

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