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Absolut Joy is for all those men who are always on the racetrack free from set rules that are constantly aiming for OVER THE TOP, ABSOLUT JOY is: having fun without limits. The fashion is individual as a whim of nature and fit the hip cheeky casual style. 

ABSOLUT JOY the men's fashion with cuts, prints and patch styles.

"Per quelli che… Essere sempre in pista ma fuori dagli schemi, sempre sott’occhio ma sopra le righe, essere Absolut Joy, divertirsi senza rinunciare allo stile."


For those who… To be a mould-breaker but always on the track, under the people’s eyes but over the top, to be Absolut Joy, have fun with style.

The dressy design, the experiments on the fabric, the studies about the fitting, all that contribuets to create the look of a dynamic young man, who wants to differ from the mass and to be the focus of attention in the same time.

A character definitely important, the one we choose to “borrow” for the name of the Company. But, although there are many differences between fashion and physics, similarities aren’t so difficult to be found. If it’s true that everything that concern us is the continue research and experimentation of our domain, the desire of well over, of dare, of risk, everything mixed with a good percentage of fooly, well, the mistery is solved. Our Company,
Einstein Progetti & Prodotti, is riding trends for over 20 years, exploiting consciously that creative power and the strong personality of who has made fashion the core business of his activity
So why be content with one or two brands when you can challenge to be bigger? With passion we take care of our collections, paying attention for any minimum particular, without leaving anything to the case: from the alternative denim attitude of
Bray Steve Alan, to the two fast fashion lines, Absolut Joy and Sexy Woman. Three strong brands, innovative and original, three faces of one unique style, different of course, but that together help to create the glamour identity of the Company. (Content to the manufacturer's Profile / Copyright © Absolut Joy)

Einstein – Progetti & Prodotti

 Absolut Joy fashion brand for men jackets, men leather jackets, mens overcoat and men's pants than jeans, chinos or leather pants Men's shirts and ties or checked shirt, business shirt or casual casual shirt over it man's sweater in wool sweater or knit sweater underneath Mr. shirts, sweatshirts or Herrentanktop with men's underwear in the summer great WOW Men swimwear, sportswear for Men Mc fitness, the men's socks for business or sports men's shoes.

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