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Therefore offers, in addition to the men & women clothing, shoes and accessories in the excellent RED BRIDGE design and price / performance ratio.

RED BRIDGE - the current men`s styles here in the fashion online store!

The Cipo GmbH based in Neuss, Germany was founded in 1996. Through a strong focus on the denim, the company established itself as a truely international fashion company. Redbridge is one of the famous brands of Cipo and rooted in the cosmopolitan metropolis Istanbul. Redbridge combines urban progressive lifestyle with highest quality and individuality – targeting young and stylish people who love their lives!
Due to the long experience in the denim industry, Cipo GmbH is able to use different and innovative production methods. Quality and sustainability are playing the most important role in the production process.

The Company Cipo Tekstil exists since 2006 and has over 250 employees.

Our Competences
The Cipo Tekstil San. Ve. Tic. Ltd. Sti. realizes your projects due to your needs and quality standards from purchasing needed resources like fabrics, yarns, packaging systems to the logistics including the clearance of the goods for import. All our production steps are done by capable staff on high quality machinery in our new built production line.

Our Production Range
JEANS - Manufacturing of all kinds of complex models and washings
SHIRTS - Manufacturing of all kinds of shirts to the point of very complex patterns.
KNITWEAR - Production of fabrics on 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, 14 gg. knitting machines as well as the making up to ready to wear products.
T-SHIRTS - All kinds of making up, Printing, Washing, Garment dye, Embroidery, Stoning Our production contains men’s wear as well as women’s wear.

Your Collection
We would like to advice you while creating your own collection.
Let us guide you through our wide range of models to create together the ideal collection for your brand. (Content of the manufacturer Profile /
Copyright © Cipo GmbH)

RED BRIDGE fashion brand for men jackets, men leather jackets, mens overcoat and men's pants than jeans, chinos or leather pants Men's shirts and ties or checked shirt, business shirt or casual casual shirt over it man's sweater in wool sweater or knit sweater underneath Mr. shirts, sweatshirts or Herrentanktop with men's underwear in the summer great WOW Men swimwear, sportswear for Men Mc fitness, the men's socks for business or sports men's shoes.

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