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Fashion styles as transformers for men

The RED BRIDGE brand from CIPO GmbH, founded in 1996 and headquartered in Neuss, is a global fashion company for styles in streetwear and casual wear.

The origins of the RED BRIDGE brand lie in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Istanbul. The connection between Occident and Orient can also be found in the RED BRIDGE brand. The RED BRIDGE crosses the Bosporus and connects the people of two continents. This exciting melting pot of cultures creates creativity and has inspired the fashion collections of the RED BRIDGE brand for years. The fresh and trendy RED BRIDGE collections in jeans, summer and winter jackets, sweatshirts, shirts and T-shirts always set new trends.

Design and manufacturing in Türkiye

RED BRIDGE fashion brand for men jackets, men leather jackets, mens overcoat and men's pants than jeans, chinos or leather pants Men's shirts and ties or checked shirt, business shirt or casual casual shirt over it man's sweater in wool sweater or knit sweater underneath Mr. shirts, sweatshirts or Herrentanktop with men's underwear in the summer great WOW Men swimwear, sportswear for Men Mc fitness, the men's socks for business or sports men's shoes.

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