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The German Post delivers mail and parcels in Germany, specializes in dialogue marketing and press distribution services and solutions for enterprise communications. In Germany it maintains a nationwide transport and delivery. About the Post letters transported across borders, serving domestic markets abroad and provide additional services beyond the mere transport also.

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Ideas that you simply bring your mailings, fast and high quality on the way. learn more innovation experience!


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The postal service for Germany

We're the largest postal operators in Europe and in Germany alone make each working day more than 64 million letters. Residential and business customers, we offer a wide range - from the physical, hybrid or electronic mail and merchandise to special services such as COD or registered mail. Accessibility for our customers is always in the foreground: So Stamps can be bought not only in stores and points of sale, but also at the vending machine, the internet or by SMS.
Our e-mail letter is a safe, confidential and reliable electronic communication platform. Its use ranges from the individual customer communication to mass mailing. Companies, governments and private clients meet with the e-mail letter is not only a high level of security, but at the same time reduce their process costs
Our mail business is located in Germany. Here is the letter market has been fully liberalized since the beginning of 2008. Since July 2010 we have to charge VAT on sales to business customers. Thus, competition has tightened considerably. At the same time shrinking the domestic mail market, because it is increasingly communicate electronically. The market for business communication in the reporting year to around EUR 4.2 billion (previous year: EUR 4.3 billion)..
To give an accurate picture of actual market conditions, we consider the relevant competitive business market. We consider one who presents the business customer to a service provider, so both the end-to-end competition and the related partial services consolidation competition. Our market share decreased slightly from 63.7% to 62.7%.
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Advertise target audience and cross-media

With our solutions, companies can make their advertising mail and even print and ship at a reasonable price with us. Dialogue marketing is only successful when addresses are constantly updated, without infringing privacy policy. We provide our customers with online tools and services, which address quality is backed up and can be determined efficiently target groups. If necessary business addresses can rent in the identified target groups for their own advertising campaigns from us. We also offer customers a broad portfolio of digital dialogue marketing solutions with which they can advertise across media and target groups. The German market for dialog marketing includes direct mail, telephone and e-mail marketing. He is in the reporting year-over-year by 4.3% to a volume of EUR 17.7 billion (previous year: EUR 18.5 billion) shrunk. Companies have significantly reduced their advertising budgets, especially the shipping trade - including by the insolvency of Neckermann. Our share in this highly fragmented market we have maintained in spite of the difficult environment with 13.5%. learn more

Distribution of press products

Full coverage and to the day we deliver newspapers and magazines in Germany. We offer our customers in the financial services field press two main products: E-mail With the Postvertriebsstück publishers traditionally subscribed to their print runs. The press program is mainly used by companies that distribute customer or employee magazines about us. In addition, we distribute with the German-mail reader service as a partner of publishers successfully subscriptions to more than 500 newspapers and magazines both online and offline. Additional services we offer including the electronic updating of addresses and a complaint and quality management. Publishers and journalists, we offer also with "" a marketplace for journalistic content on the Internet. The total volume of the German press services market was in 2012, according to company estimates 15.1 billion items, 5.0% less than last year. Newspapers and magazines have lost count, and weight bearing. Our competitors are mainly that deliver regional daily newspapers. In a shrinking market, we were able to continue to keep our stable share of 11.4%. learn more

Value-added services to support the Mail Communication Customers

Our customers trust us to parts of the value chain mail communications. We run their post office, printing, enveloping and scanning services. learn more

International shipping of letters and parcels

We are active not only in our core market of Germany, but transport mail and packages internationally and offer our dialogue marketing solutions across borders. For business customers, we are also in national mail markets operate, including the United States and China. In the meantime 21 European countries, we offer Internet merchants also returns solutions.
Of our competitors, we distinguish ourselves through our innovative products with which we respond to the needs of customers and markets. So we have written communication internationally physical, hybrid and fully electronic on - depending on the customer's request. Customers domiciled abroad use our knowledge and experience to act successfully on the German market. For the growing e-commerce industry we develop international package solutions.
The global market volume for the international mail traffic was in 2012 at around 6.8 billion EUR (previous year: EUR 6.9 billion). The decline in simple letters and press products could only be partially offset by the increase in heavyweight shipments. Despite the difficult environment, we could easily increase our market share from 15.7% to 15.8%.
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Brand management since 1849 - Philately

Nothing is more fascinating than the beginning of a new collection: Disordered stamps, all letters and postcards with interesting FPP pile up on desks, store in boxes and drawers. But how is an ordered collection of such a smorgasbord? Mortise albums to offer as meaningful as flexible options. For in them all brands can be grouped according to personal taste. learn more

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