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HÄNDLERBUND - The largest ecommerce association in Europe

Our vision

As the largest online trade association in Europe, Händlerbund is an important voice in the e-commerce industry and also a valued partner. The association promotes exchange between traders and service providers to support digital and stationary trade in a sustainable manner as well as broadening the horizons for the future. Händlerbund actively engages with its members and partners thanks to the representation and bringing together of various services throughout Europe.

Voice and partner within the e-commerce industry

Händlerbund was founded in Leipzig in 2008 and grew into the largest online trade association in Europe within the shortest of times thanks to the provision of its professional e-commerce services. The Händlerbund oversees over 55,000 online presences, always keeping an ear open within the industry. We place great emphasis on both the interests and challenges of our small and medium-sized businesses, allowing us to develop and set new trends in the industry together.

Exchange between traders and service providers

We understand the e-commerce industry as a whole, since it is and will remain one of the major economic factors of our country. This primarily includes online retailers, which we support from the foundation up to the full operation of an online store; above all, this also involves service providers, with whom we continue to develop the industry and form synergies in cooperation.

Digital and stationary trade

We should not forget about traditional stationary trade when considering the development of digital trade. We place the same amount of significance on your local food retailer down the road as we do on an online trader selling food products. Only interaction between both target groups allows us to shape the developments and innovations of the trade together and thus create a platform.

Representation of interests across Europe

We also represent the interests of our industry in the political arena. With the establishment of the Händlerbund Beirat we have created a platform that enables traders and service providers to exchange ideas and to formulate recommendations for action in the political sphere. We bring all the interests together in our Berlin office and are representative as a competent partner in politics and in relation to other organisations.

We also appreciate developments across the European industry thanks to our supervision of companies from Austria, Spain, France, Switzerland, UK, Denmark, Belgium, Greece and the Netherlands. Our commitment to the umbrella organisation Ecommerce Europe enables us to carry on these developments and interests while simultaneously providing European legislative procedures with our expertise.

Member and partner network

As an online trade organisation Händlerbund has a strong and diverse partner network alongside all of our members, allowing us to help shape innovations within the e-commerce industry. With partnerships and pilot projects we support exciting innovations that are sources of inspiration and creativity for ourselves as a trade association and for the industry in general.

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