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You have in our shop a word or expression seen you not understand? Then browse to talk in our Lexicon. Here we have compiled important terms related to clothing, shoes and accessories. Sit back, relax and browse through the world of language.

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On clothes you will find applications quite often. This involves everything is placed, because applicare attach in Latin means. This can be different or same materials, so other substances, Patches, leather, lace or embroidery. Under applications, for example, Stitches or patches are classified.

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The characteristic of baggy pants is the deep-seated step and waistband. The pants sit below the waist and can look outside the boxers. The material is mostly denim, like spiced up with printing or embroidery. Especially in Hip hoppers or skating pants with wide and long cut are in high demand.

Behind the word Bandanas, simple cloths hide. They are worn in the hip hop fashion as a headscarf and tied at the neck or wrapped around the neck or wrist as well. Alternatively, they can also just hang from the pocket. Its main feature is the printed paisley pattern, giving the colorful cloths to Richigen look.

For what basketball shoes is surely no question need: to basketball. The shoes are very robust and offer good suspension are the landings after jumps and slam dunks no problem. The shoe is usually sufficient to above the ankle to give the player the necessary support. Basketball shoes are not worn but only on the field, but also in the leisure and comfortable companion on the road.

The typical appearance is given by the tying of the fabric in front of dyeing or bleach. Thus, the irregular circles and the characteristic gradient arise.

Beanies belong in the category caps. Knitted or fleece the headgear with the simple interface are ideal for the winter. Meanwhile, they come in all colors and patterns. Sometimes with small screen or bobble. The word is probably derived Beanie from the English word Bean (= bean). This is colloquially used for the head, as in the German "pear".

Shorts, die etwa bis zum Knie gehen, werden auch Bermudas genannt.

These shorts come, as the name suggests, from the sport of surfing. The length of the legs varies hiss mid-thigh to below the knee. The material is water repellent. The shorts can therefore be worn on the street or in the water. They usually are very colorful, printed with floral patterns or the like. The board shorts for women, however, are often very scarce, they go to mid-thigh. In summer, the pants are perfect all-rounder.

The band sits at the Bootcut jeans below the navel, at the height of the hip. On the thighs bootcut trousers have a normal width, while they are more exposed to the hem down a little. Almost all body types can Bootcut Jeans wear. They elongate the leg and allows the wearer to also appear slim. Also shoe technically you can wear to almost all types of footwear such as boots, sneakers or slippers.

Boots is the English word for boots. The thick sole is super comfortable to walk in, since there is no foot pain. These boots extend to about the ankle and thus guarantee you a firm grip. Lined with warm fur they are mostly. In the Hip Hop fashion shoes are usually combined into baggies, the legs are also likes to put on one side in the semi-laced shoe.

This is still a relatively new cut for women pants. They should look as if the pants were stolen from a friend, hence the name. They are relatively wide at the waist and legs. The sliding step further down. Be best to combine these pants with shorter tops. Hem they are carded casually.

This fold is placed right and left of center in the leg. Can often be seen at finer suit pants, harem pants or other pants.

C like.....

The pattern is known of the camouflage uniforms of the military. The shapes of brown and green tones to commemorate the forest floor and provide the soldiers by a good camouflage. Especially in Hip Hop style, this pattern is popular with pants or shirts.

The substance is known, which is often used for shoes upper material. It is a solid linen fabric, such as in the typical Converse shoes.

The Cap Sizes are sorted by head circumference. This can be done either in S to L or in English inches. If you know your head circumference in cm, you just have to reproduce it by 2, divide 54 and you'll get the appropriate size. Standard values for the cap sizes are available in the size table.

Sweaters for men and women are also called cardigans. Your design in length, the collar or on the pockets can be quite different. The only fixed element is the ability to open and close, the button placket in the front center. The material is, you will not believe it, knitting! This can be of cotton, its almost all over polyester or polyamide. The main thing you can see the stitches.

The most important characteristic of Cargo pants are the many pockets on the legs. They usually sit on the side seam with flaps and buttons or Velcro. Cargo is also called freight or cargo, fits in the pockets, too much pure. Very practical. Otherwise, the pants are also more likely to cut loose. Contrasting the cargos remain rather plain in black, khaki, brown or beige.

Chino pants are lightweight pants that are mostly unpacked in the summer. They are similar versatile as jeans, they are available in almost all the fashion directions and in all sizes. Classically, the Chino beige or light brown. But meanwhile it is also available in many bright colors. You can be chic with a shirt or combined with casual T-shirt and in summer is a must for men and women.

This Jean-section has a straight leg. He is not too far, but still comfortable. Another term is fit jeans for these pants Straight.

College is often used in conjunction with jackets, shirts with something rare called. The most important thing is always the big logo of a college. Or just another print, which is put up with a year number and the block letters the same. The jackets are made of sweat fabric and hem and sleeve ends with a striped rib trim off.

This substance has long been decried as altbaken. But gradually he comes back into fashion. The typical is the soft handle and the longitudinal strips. It is available in fine or variants as Grobcord. It is mostly used for pants or skirts. see also KORD.

The section of the carrot jeans resembles the shape of a carrot. Above it is wider and on and down to the hem it is getting close.

In clothing, the recommended care is given on a tag on the side seam. One should keep in mind to avoid discoloration or shrinkage. An explanation of the symbols there with us in the item description.

Especially in the winter warmers are very popular. There are roughly knitted hoses, one wears in folds at the calf. They are also known as calf warmers.

D like.....

Jeans are made of denim. The special weave of white and blue threads gives the typical streaky Jean structure.

Dog tags come from the military and served there as an identification tag. In the platelets, which carried the soldiers around her neck, was engraved their personal identification number and their blood group among others. So they could be quickly identified at death or injury. The dog tags, which are now mainly worn by men from the hip hop scene, are more likely engraved with designs or loaded with stones. Letters, crowns or crosses are popular elements. The name they owe to the similarity to the dog tag.

In some basketball or Skatschuhen is this footbed, which is also very often used in snowboard boots. It ensures good damping and heat insulation. Impacts or shocks are super absorbed. A rubber sole EVA light and air pads offer optimum comfort for your feet.

Originally Durags there to protect freshly twisted curls. Today they are often drawn from hip hoppers times under their caps. The scarf made of elastic fabric is tied at the neck and the ends dangle down in the neck.

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Here the jeans is put in the wash with enzymes. This makes them fade. In contrast to the mechanical bleaching with stones here of stronger contrasts.

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Under this category we have grouped all Tshirts eligible for fashion loving men in question. Tees is an abbreviated form of the word T-shirt. In contrast to the Tall or Hip Hop Tees they are at close range and only to just below the waistband.

This hat shape is trendy again. Either straw or felt hats are a fashion accessory these. The special feature is the short brim, the projecting rim around the hat is back bent slightly upward. The upper part of the crown is slightly buckled at the sides of the front and top.

This cap style was named after the company that manufactures it. The innovative stretch band made of spandex, which adapts to each head and a good fit guarantees was developed by Flexfit. Other manufacturers can produce the tape of the brand.

Flip, flop, flip, flop .. that's the sound, which cause these sandals when walking and at the same time is also her namesake. They are characterized by the thong, which passes through the gap next to the big toe from. They are mostly made of rubber and the perfect shoes for the summer, for man and woman.

This is a separate fabric layer on the inside. It is used either for decoration, to stabilize or protect against cold.

One can think that there is here a film print itself. With heat and pressure, this film is applied to the textile. The result is usually a golden or silver motif or word that shimmers like a metal.

When the headphones which are often over-stated tragungsbereiche. This is the frequency range that reflect the handset. The human ear can hear sounds between 15 & 20 000Hertz. If the range of the headphones close to these values off, the sound is more natural. With the volume, frequency has nothing to do with the pitch or depth only.

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H like.....

The trend of harem pants recognized currently the entire women fashion. Its main feature is the deep and wide step that also may ever hang between his knees. The legs, however, are very close. Also known as Capri or 7 / 8Hose be worn like harem pants. The length around the waist ensures you a comfortable fit and a stylish look.

This includes all shoes the shank slightly higher, ie up above the ankle, is sufficient. Basketball shoes or boots are examples of high-top shoes.

Track suits with wide jogging pants and hoodies are also called Hip Hop suits. The pants and top fit perfectly together, both casual in the same hip hop style.

Hoody is a cooler name for a hooded sweatshirt. Hoody Hood comes from what is called in German hood. Therefore, this is also the feature of the sweater. In color printing and they can vary. Time they have a Kängeruhtasche on the belly or a zipper in the front center. They are ideal for keeping warm and casual look is included directly.

As the name already says, hot pants are hot pants. This means that the legs are very short. They are about as long as boxer shorts, but tighter fit.

I like.....

The impedance is a statement that is often made when using headphones. It is the resistance measured in ohms. If you use a good amp or a good system for listening to music, you should choose a rather large impedance. But only the MP3 player or the PC plugged enough a lesser value.

For in-ear headphones are the small plugs that plug directly into the ear canal for listening to music. Compared to the normal, large bow headphones they are much lighter and less noticeable. The better you sit, the better the sound of the in-ears, but their quality is not closer to those of their larger siblings.

This is a separate fabric layer on the inside. It is used either for decoration, to stabilize or protect against cold.

J like.....

The indication of the sizes of jeans takes place in W and L. W stands for Width and referred to the waist. L is length and is the length of the trouser legs. Standard values for Jean sizes are available in the size table.


Jeans are by now found in all fashions and all target groups. This is because they come in many different forms. The Greatest is the Loose fit jeans, it resembles the baggy from the Hip Hop fashion. Classic Straight fit jeans or have a straight leg and are not so far. They are most popular,. Skinny Jeans are skinny, tight or called tube. Especially with the women they are very popular. Carrot Jeans are, however, a mixture, they are far above the ankle and be out close, just like the shape of a carrot.

JEANS washes
A similar diversity in the styles there in jeans in all colors or washes. From very dark, the usual jeans color bleached to light there is everything. Especially popular is the stone washed look. The pants should be washed after production with pumice stones. This makes them fade and the fabric is soft. There are also enzyme-washed jeans. Here the pants is brightened not mechanically but chemically. This results in stronger contrasts. The distressed look is always on the rise. The pants should look like already used, is faded in places such as knees or on the seat folds and has in part already holes or patches.

A Jeggings is a mix of jeans and leggings. This means that leggings just looks like a pair of jeans. The typical structure is printed denim. The bags or zipper are partially incorporated as working for the jeans or even painted and thus unecht.Gegenüber tubes Jeggings have the advantage that they are much more convenient by the elastic material and the freedom of movement does not restrict so.

The material from which the T-shirts are called Jersey. He is usually very thin, knitted and therefore elastic. If you look closely you can see the small mesh. It is used in different strengths but also clothes, pants, skirts or Longsleeves and is usually made of cotton or a blend with elastane.

This term originally comes from the skydiving and called there the one-piece suit of Springer. Today, for example, one-piece trouser suits for women are so called. The material can be cut and the overalls also varies Jersey, Sweat or tissue: With or without sleeves, with short or long pants or no support.

K like.....

This substance has long been decried as altbaken. But gradually he comes back into fashion. The typical is the soft handle and the longitudinal strips. It is available in fine or variants as Grobcord. It is mostly used for pants or skirts. see also CORD.

The word means earth or dust. It is a mixture of brown and green in various shades. Typically, this designation is for the green of military clothing.

On hoodies and other sweaters is often on the front gusseted pocket, in which one can engage from both sides. Based on the kangaroo pouch from them is also named after this.

L like.....

That the word leggings from the English word for leg: leg is modified, also has a good reason. For the leggings are skin tight on the whole leg. The elastic material but the movement is absolutely not restricted. The trousers are worn by women and in various combinations, it is perfect for sports, everyday or party. Today you combine them like with longer tops or sweaters or uses them as tights replacement. Leggings are available in different lengths: up to the ankles or to just below the widest part of the calf. The latter can also be called Capri. Is it only to above the knee is it a cycling shorts.

Longsleeves are t-shirts with long sleeves. But mostly they are tight fitting in contrast to hoodies or sweatshirts. Therefore, they are also ideal to them under T-shirts or blouses to wear / shirts.

Jeans are loose fit cut very wide. They are very comfortable and look similar in the baggy pants.


These pants usually has a slightly shorter collar and, in contrast to the straight leg jeans a wide flared leg, so that the pants fit well and comfortably.

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NICKY fabric
Similar Velvet Nicky fabric is very soft. He has long fibers that feel different depending on the line direction and look. He recalled plush fabric also from the stuffed animals are made.

O like.....

Tops, T-shirts or dresses that are extra large, wide or long cut is referred to as Upper sized. The wide look is intended here.

P like.....

You give your top or your pants a touch of glamor. The small plates in a variety of colors can sparkle your garment. Especially in women who sewed or glued sequins are popular.

PAISLEY pattern
From Bandanas you know this flowery, abstract pattern from leaves. It was known by the city Paisley who doubles as an eponym.

The perfect coat for winter. He has a soft lining and usually has a hood. This is also from time to reception to buttoning or with a Fellsaum. The word parka comes from the language of the Eskimo and means heat. In these jackets you do not freeze well.

Patches are similar applications, patches or patches that are sewn onto the garments. These in turn are pre-printed or embroidered and serve more as decoration for the protection or repair.

So is any woman shoes with heels that are widely excised at the instep and closed at the front and have no laces or closure. So under Pumps you can find at DefShop all shoes that make you a little bigger.

One of the leading manufacturers for Pitching Caps New Era is. The Caps are available in various sizes and are therefore not adjustable. The screen is slightly shorter and the cap is cut deeper than or Trucker Flexfit Caps.

The hallmark of these shirts is the collar and short button placket in the front center. There is a good mix of shirt and T-shirt.

A union with head hole and sometimes slits for the arms. In colder seasons, you can wear a poncho comfortable over shirts or Longsleeves.

Everything that is printed on shirts, pants, jackets or dresses, is a print. Whether a large area or only at selected locations. The kind of stress is irrelevant. The end result is a print.

Q like.....

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R like.....

RIBBED cuffs
With rib-knit jackets or hoodies often form the end of the sleeves and at the hem. Also at the leg seams are to be found more often. They are gross and knitted with a stripe pattern and thereby elastically. So you can perfect to slip into a jacket or pants. Color they are either adapted to the residual or deliberately set in contrast.

It is used for decoration of tops, dresses or skirts. It is a material strip, which is crimped, or pleated and sewn to edge seams. Clothing with ruffles is often referred to as girlish.

S like.....

With this bag, it can be perfectly shopping. It provides enough space for all purchases and holds the high weight was without problems. Behind the word Shopper thus hiding a big, roomy bag.

These clips are made of a rubber band that you wrap around the ankle and a clip in one einschiebt the hem. The purpose of Skillclipz is too long trouser legs get dirty before and break down to protect by being held just above the ground. So you can not on his pants stepped on and it stays clean longer and healing.

These pants have a very tight fit. You sit from the hip to the ankle closely. Other names for them are tube, slim fit or tight fit jeans.

Also Slimfit is a term for a narrow trousers. Especially women like these pants form. Other designations are tube or thigh fit. Therefore, the support of a slim fit jeans should not be too muscular legs, because that affects mostly unfavorable.

Slippers are shoes that do not have locks. You can easily so pure slippen = slip. Only one piece rubber facilitates you the pure and come out. In some slippers the holes for the laces as decoration are still incorporated.

Smok often located on dresses or tops without straps for women. The entire breast area consists of parallel seams with rubber threads, the resulting curls together. This guarantees a perfect fit for any size. Also on frets pants hemming and this technique is applied.

The term includes all street sneaker shoes that look like sneakers. These athletic shoes are not really used for sport, but rather just in everyday life. Sneaker keep long been in vogue and are worn by women as well as men.

Stitch is English for embroidery. All embroidered logos, designs or patterns that are sewn directly onto pants, shirts, jackets, or caps, called Stitches. If only embroidered on another material and then sewn onto the garment, it is a patch.

STONE Washed Jeans
Stone washed jeans are washed after production with pumice stones. This makes them fade in places, and the fabric is luxuriously soft.

Youth skaters have begun the perfect clothes rauszusuchen from different fashions for skating, while streetwear came out. Casual pants, colorful T-shirts and sturdy shoes belonged to it. The most important thing: it had to be comfy. Today this direction clothing is all the rage among young people. But it still counts to make his own creativity, there is no must-haves or In-brands.

The sensitivity or the sound pressure levels are values that characterize headphones. It is about the volume of the signal in decibels. From a value of 120dB to control the volume is painful and can cause serious hearing damage.

Suits is the English term for suits. Here Hip Hop fall suits or tracksuits including normal.

This is the umbrella term for all Sweat Pants on fabric. Jogging pants or workout pants from the comfortable material are available in all colors and designs.

For hoodies or sweatpants this material is used. From the outside it looks like Jersey. However, it is thicker and roughened on the inside. This makes it very soft and warm.


Pants with a straight leg usually have a slightly shorter rise waist and a straight line from the hem to the crotch leg shape.

T like.....

Tall Tees are as the name suggests, large T-shirt. Far and above all long. Since the shirt is ever up to the knees. A real hip hop outfit they belong to.

This shell shape men and women wear. The winner of sleeveless shirts are relatively wide. In the back, the top is mostly closed higher, or has the typical racer back. The looks the carrier as would cross in the back and merge into each other. The top looks more sporty, but can also be worn in everyday life and at parties.

Track Jackets are training jackets. They are usually made from a polyester fabric and the front fitted with a zipper. So they are perfect for zuschlüpfen in quickly after exercise and keep warm. In everyday life, the jackets are comfortable to find more and more.

This coat is made of lightweight material for the transitional seasons. He originally comes from the military, had a double button placket, epaulets and a belt at the waist. Today he is but constantly re-interpreted and updated the classic features or omitted.

The main difference of Flexfit caps, trucker caps or pitching is the power at the back of the head. It allows more air under the cap and protects against heat. Trucker Caps can be set back with a Lock on various widths. The name they have due to the fact that the Caps are very popular with truck drivers.

U like.....

See pants in used look hand made. Here are the tracks the sun or street would leave, incorporated already in production in the pants. On the knees or on the seat folds the jeans are faded. Some models also have holes or other signs of use on the legs can be found.

V like.....

A visor is the screen of a hat or a cap.

In most cases the sole is glued to the shoe. In contrast, the vulcanization sole with heat welded directly to the shoe. This results in a longer shelf life is guaranteed, the soles can not so easily removed.

W like.....

Wave caps are drawn like Durags under the caps. Here, however, nothing needs to be bound, because it is a kind of elastic spandex hood that can be simply pulled over the head.

In general, we mean by windbreaker rain jacket. But this is not necessarily true. For Windbreaker have mainly the task of protecting from wind. This means they are not necessarily waterproof. The other way around but it looks so that all rain jackets are also windbreaker, protecting against rain and wind. So here you'll find both rain jackets and windbreakers, both great to go with wind and weather to fresh air.

This sleeve shape, there are often on shirts or dresses on. The shoulder seam goes up here on the upper arm and the arm is a kind of wing, where the sleeves owes the name forms.

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