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PAY IMMEDIATELY by TRANSFER - safe and comfortable

With IMMEDIATELY Transfer the online payment is simpler than ever! You use it to conveniently connect their familiar online banking data and are on the safe side. Thanks to the transaction confirmation, your order - faster than usually be shipped immediately on payments in advance. Look forward with IMMEDIATELY transfer to a prompt delivery!

The immediate transfer is identical that you use for online banking with your bank with the PIN / TAN procedure. In the online transfer of the remittance slip is from the online shop filled with the required data (invoice amount, payee, order number, etc.). Just use the access data from your online banking to login. You then confirm the payment with a TAN. Since the payment is made immediately, the goods are ready for dispatch immediately after payment.


1. Select a Bank

Enter your country and select using the bank code (BLZ) from your bank, which will execute your bank transfer.

2. Login

You are now in the login area of our protected form number. Sign in using your online banking access data. The data is transmitted encrypted to your online banking.

3. Prepare Transfer

You will be asked for a TAN. Each TAN is only available once.

4. Summary

You can now get a summary of your transfer or equal to that of the online shops confirmation. So you are all information prior to your purchase.