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CONVERSE - ALL STAR Bag CTAS Backpack gray

New product

Converse - All Star presents a unique and fresh design in in the season's latest trend colours and materials. Sporty cuts and nice styles define hot trends and whet your appetite for something new. You can get the coolest beanies, caps or hats right here in our online store – quick and easy. Just put them on and rock! Try it out!


  • Style: All Times outdoor
  • Fit: backpack
  • Structure: honeycomb fabric - weather resistant
  • Extras: 2 inside compartments, 1 inside pocket, 1 outside pocket, back cushion, padded shoulder strap and adjustable size, strap top
  • Color: gray
  • Length: 45 cm
  • Width: 35 cm
  • Thickness: 12 cm
  • Closure: zipper
  • Logo: print on the front, textile patch on belt
  • Model: CTAS Backpack 410659


  • 100% polyester


  • Care Instructions

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STYLE All Time
FIT Regular Fit
MATERIAL group Mixed fabrics
DESIGN Uni-color

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Exclusive and elegant menswear in a sporty and sexy style. The Outfit for a confident man. We offer you high class fashion from chosen brands. The presented brands are young, modern and trend-oriented.We present you the best of their collections here in our fashion online shop for international lifestyle. Unique fresh design in the season's latest colours and materials feature our collection. Sporty cuts and nice styles define hot trends and whet your appetite for something new. Men will be perfectly dressed in these latest styles and look in everyday life and sexy in the clubs. You can get the coolest ACCESSOIRESBAGS, SUITCASES, BEANIES, CAPS or HATSGLOVES, CUFFS, SCARVESBELTS LEATHERFABRIC BELTSTIES right here in our shop and have it delivered to your home. Have fun shopping!

The best Freitzeit bags

In bags not only everything important must fit in, they should also look chick. How these five new models for men. Of course you can cram mobile phone, wallet, keys and your favorite magazine just in your five-pocket jeans. But who waives a bag, brings also an important accessory with which you can demonstrate fashion sense. These five models combine functionality and good design.

Before each trip, the same questions: What clothes I take with me? And most of all: Where I pack into it

Different destinations and lengths also make different demands on the bag. We have compiled for you five modern travel companion for different needs. Men also learn what to look for when buying, how to maintain your baggage properly and - of course very important - at what clothing style it fits perfectly. Because with proper look and ideal companion it travels is known best.

Rugged luggage for men
Although hard shell case are very sturdy, but watch for the purist appearance perfect for a timeless look What should I look for when buying one? Caution, overweight! Although hard shell case are very robust, but often difficult. For the case Non bring 10 kilos when empty, you should definitely consider the self-weight and easy access to materials such as polycarbonate. How do I maintain the luggage right? The inner workings of your case needs care. Removable garment bags and food are clean in the gentle cycle of your washing machine. Not nice souvenirs Fine scratches can be removed for acrylic glass with an ordinary polishing and repair paste.

Luggage for adventurers
If you want to start your journey with a duffel bag, you should definitely pay attention to a well-padded shoulder strap - everything else you would not easily forgive your shoulder. What should I look for when buying one? With all love for adventure, a duffel bag should contain no surprises. Because the weight completely on your Schulterrlastet, the strap must be well padded and sewn firmly. Please check when purchasing quality and tensile strength of the material. How do I maintain the luggage right? Sounds absurd, but it is important: Natural materials such as cotton must be kept dry. If you actually take to the high seas, a waterproof stuff sack for the interior is good, protecting the contents of the Seesacks wet. Look at what it fits best? This sturdy duffel bag in natural canvas calls for a rustic look, as of Boss Orange or No Ecxess much is possible.

Professional luggage for men
A simple, black trolley is not only practical, it also fits perfectly with any business outfit. What should I look for when buying one? Test drive welcome: To the Trolley glides over the floor and rattles not loud, he should have large, soft wheels, such as inline skates have (best ball bearings and replaceable). A stable and height-adjustable telescopic handle with no sharp edges is required. How do I maintain the luggage right? Synthetic fibers such as nylon are among the materials that are extremely durable and require little maintenance. Stained areas can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and a little detergent. Tip: Even a hack Porsche needs an occasional tire change! Look at what it fits best? A simple, black trolley for a business outfit, like an outfit by DIGEL or Canali, ideal.

Luggage for short trips
So-called Weekender are particularly well suited for road trips, from impacts of air travel they are poorly protected. What should I look for when buying one? Not every bag is ideal for any purpose. Keep in mind when choosing whether you are planning a short trip or a longer trip. Weekender are also against shocks in air travel poorly protected, whilst driving the models, however, can be very well packed. How do I maintain the luggage right? After a long journey of the interior of the luggage smells often unpleasant. Insert overnight into a small sack of coffee - which binds not appreciate the smell as the scent of a coffee roasting, instead, use a fragrance sachets. Look at what it fits best? The fact that the mixture is announced chic and casual, not only in pockets, demonstrates the smart casual dress of of DIGEL or Gucci.

Stylish bags for men
High-quality materials require special care: Treat leather suitcase regularly with moisturizing emulsions and impregnation, then you also have longer enjoy it. What should I look for when buying one? Not only external values count! Take also the case inside under the microscope: Practically textile partitions and shoe and wet compartments. Are the seams taped on the zippers? If not, there is a risk that this burst faster. How do I maintain the luggage right? In the first months of your luggage needs little care as leather still has its natural protective function. After that you should treat colored leather regularly with a transparent, hydrating smooth leather and waterproof emulsion prior to departure. Look at what it fits best? The retro look of the leather suitcase, you may like to pick up again in the outfit.

Rustic backpack
Rustic backpack in dark blue canvas with maroon leather details from Camel Active What should I look for when buying one? Think of your back: Do you want to regularly carry heavy things like books, you should look for a model with the lowest possible weight out. The carrier best, have a good pressure distribution of weight with cushions. What care needs this kind of bag? The canvas backpack you can cold wash (do not spin!) In the wool program and with a mild detergent in your machine. The fabric you save, by putting it in front of the wash in a pillowcase. Leave to dry away from direct sunlight. Look at what the model fits perfectly? Urban nature boys, take note! This backpack st most suitable for a casual casual outfit with a rustic touch.

Sporty messenger bag
Sporty messenger bag in bright red, made of tear-resistant synthetic fiber and with adjustable shoulder strap by Lacoste What should I look for when buying one? Plagiarism is when it comes to materials and workmanship often inferior. And beware: Import and sale of counterfeit punishable! If you are not sure whether you actually hold as an original in hands, ask in front of purchase by serial number and warranty certificate. What care needs this kind of bag? First you brush Coarse gently. Then clean the bag with soapy water and a soft cloth. Total filthy bag made of synthetic fiber, you can wash in the shower with a mild shampoo. This is also a welcome relief for you. Look at what the model fits perfectly? A sporty bag like this calls for a sporty appearance. With a model in bright colors set a distinctive accent in the outfit like may repeat itself and forms an exciting contrast to muted shades.

The best bags for the job
Place is important for men not only in the trunk of their car. We'll tell you five tips on how to job paraphernalia carry in style Bags are like watches to accessories with which men express style. Which bags you polish your image and look at what fits what we show you here. Last but not least: tips on how to maintain the good piece so that it remains in good shape for long.

nylon bag
It is not only easy to clean but can also be worn as great weekender or leisure bag. When it is used? Previously frowned upon, now fully acceptable: This bag in classic phenomenon can be worn as a weekender or leisure bag to a casual wardrobe out of the office. What should I look for when buying? Think before buying what you want to convey in such a case and whether they make has the correct dimensions. It is best to take your laptop, file folders and Co. with in the business and stow the stuff there on a trial basis. What care they need? Synthetic materials such as nylon or polyester are very easy to clean - simply wipe with a damp cloth. With detergent or shampoo to remove stubborn stains. Which look fit in? Less is often more. The sporty nylon case is the right complement to a purist and office-grade Outfi in muted tones., Such as a plain short coat with pattern loose shirt.

In this case the style factor is larger than the storage space. But what already is one of a lot of space? But you want to look good. When it is used? Although the narrow wallet has significantly less storage space than the other models, but their style factor is all the more greater. After all, they can accommodate paper and a thin notebook. What should I look for when buying? Check in-store the zipper. He was always open and close without hook. Once the carriage of soft material such as sheet metal or aluminum, it can bend quickly. What care they need? Finger left just on bright shiny leather grease marks. You can, however, prevent this by regularly spray it with a so-called open impregnation, in which the breathability of the leather is preserved. Which look fit in? A briefcase that you put under the arm, has a quite casual therefore. Just so does your wardrobe should be: A beautiful trousers combined with a jacket look classy, but not quite as strict as a suit.

Messenger Bag
If you are not bound by strict dress codes, you have with this bag after work a perfect companion When it is used? If you work in a company where there is no strict dress code, this shoulder bag is ideal because it is after hours the perfect companion - with jeans, sneakers and a casual hooded sweater. What should I look for when buying? The shoulder belt should be in courier bags made entirely of leather. Is the underside namely made of a different material, or the strap can easily tear due to different expansion properties. What care they need? Over time, leather color to come off to strong wear points. With the matching color cream you can touch up the whole thing. Tip: When woven leather paint residues are deposited at intervals - use brush. Which look fit in? The messenger bag is not just a bag, it is a philosophy of life, just as even the casual look. The current trend is exciting contrasts, such as the combination of a rustic sweater with shirt, tie and elegant trousers.

Do you still have questions about this or other topics related to men's fashion, our service team will be happy to help you. You can contact us online through our Service Chat. We hope you enjoy relaxed shopping!

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