WAGNER Berlin PANTS WET-2 Zip Cort
  • WAGNER Berlin PANTS WET-2 Zip Cort
  • WAGNER Berlin PANTS WET-2 Zip Cort
  • WAGNER Berlin PANTS WET-2 Zip Cort
  • WAGNER Berlin PANTS WET-2 Zip Cort

WAGNER Berlin PANTS WET-2 Zip Cort

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Wagner Berlin presents a unique and fresh design in in the season's latest trend colours and materials. Sporty cuts and nice styles define hot trends and whet your appetite for something new. You can get the coolest pants, strings and jocks right here in our online store – quick and easy. Just jump in and rock! Try it out!


  • Style: Clubwear
  • Contoured fit: Hot nice
  • Cut: 2 way / Zipper Pants
  • Structure: soft, fine coating
  • Goodies: front zip, inside textile and cuffs
  • Colour: black / black / black zip
  • Leg inside: 3 cm / M
  • Leg outside: 17 cm / M
  • Logo: Textile Patch on the waistband
  • Model: 220058


  • 60% polyester, 40% polyurethane


  • Pflegehinweis
WAGNER Berlin PANTS WET-2 Zip Cort

WAGNER Berlin PANTS WET-2 Zip Cort

Gross price (incl. VAT) plus shipping costs / Delivery time 2-5 business days
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Exclusive and elegant menswear in a sporty and sexy style. The Outfit for a confident man. We offer you high class fashion from chosen brands. The presented brands are young, modern and trend-oriented.We present you the best of their collections here in our fashion online shop for international lifestyle. Unique fresh design in the season's latest colours and materials feature our collection. Sporty cuts and nice styles define hot trends and whet your appetite for something new. Men will be perfectly dressed in these latest styles and look sexy in the clubs. The pants, chaps, strings and hot pants can be combined with a shirt or jacket. You can get the coolest JOCKSSTRINGSTHONGSBRIEFSPANTSSHORTSTRUNKS or BODIES here in our shop and have it delivered to your home. Have fun shopping!
WET LOOK CLOTHING made of PATENT-LEATHER-LATEX-RUBBER IMITATIONS are very tight and adjust the body shape. In contrast to real latex products latex imitations have polyester on the inside. The benefits of a piece made of polyester are combined with the appeal of latex. It can be used in many different ways in fashion. Latex clothes are used for erotic and meditation because of their special characteristics, such as shine and the special feeling of beeing wrapped. There are latex imitations in a matt or high shining look. To wear it feels similar to a cotton shirt and not that tight, so you can wear it every day without the sweaty feeling and still look cool.


Men in sexy PANTS or SLIPS are always an eyecatcher for women and men get a positive body feeling in them. We have designs for every wishes. Simple and classic in black or extravagant with an extraordinary print. Everyone can find his favorite model. A lot of them also have a label print on the outside or colorful seams as a contrast. Anyway pants are special pieces that every man can convince himself of.


PANTS are a symbol for a confident man. With their special cut panties are very popular especially among younger men. Characteristic is the short leg and the tightness. That is why they differ from boxershorts with their typical wide cut. Pants are perfect under tight clothes because they are nearly invisible. Men can easily create a sexy butt in his pants that will surely get some compliments. They are also very comfortable, elastic and you can move perfeclty the whole day. We have panties with or without Y-Fronts depending on your taste. This kind of underwear is an indispensable basic in your closet. After all men also know what they want – high quality, comfort and fuction. If you decide for some pants, we offer you a big variety, that convinces trough design.


MEN`S SLIPS are the traditional form of underwear in Europe. Long time ago underwear had to be made with strings. With the invention of elastic material in the beginning of the 20th century there was the possibility to quickly slip into the underwear. Until the 1960`s slips were alsmost always made of white double rib. But these days are over as well as the days where you only chose dark underwear for work and white for your freetime. You can get modern underwear in all kinds of colors and forms. Tight cuts and stylish colors and designs make the latest underwear look very attractive.Elastic cuffs assure high comfort and also look good under a low-cut jeans. Thin cuts with flat seams are perfect under business clothing. They are very comfortable and invisible even under cotton pants.There are modern MEN`S SLIPS in all differnt kinds so you will surely find your right model for freetime, work and sports.

Any questions left about this or other topics around men`s clothing? Our service team will be pleased to help you. You can reach us online in our sercive chat. Have fun shopping!

THE WORLD OF UNDERWEAR with itsPants, Shorts, Trunks and Jocks, Strings, Tanga or Bodys ist endless. Here is a short collection of variations: JOCKS - Low-Rise Jock, X-Cut Jock, Tarzan Strap, Zipped Jock. STRINGS – Bikini String, Delta String, Minimum String, Tower String, Bungee String, Push-Up String, Lasso String, Popper String, Micro Pouch, Silver String, Zipped String, Catena String, Stripper String, Circus String. BRIEF – Cheeky Brief, Ballroom Brief, Relief Brief, Retro Brief, Bikini Brief, Slinky Brief, Zipped Brief. PANTS – Micro Pants, Bungee Pants, Push-Up Pants, Hot Pants, Popper Pants, Slinky Pants, Retro Pants, Sprint Pants, Zipped Pants, Ball Pants, Chaps Pants, SHORTS – Jock Shorts, Soccer Trunks, Chaps Trunks. BODYS - Bondage Body, Wrestler Body, Zipped Body, Work-Out Body. We don`t have every model in stock but we try our best to fullfill everybodies dream.


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